Video Ads

86% of  consumers say digital screens are noticeable.  Get noticed right away with a dynamic full screen video ad.  Email us to find out how to get the word out about your business today!

Static Ads

72% of consumers recall advertising on digital screens. Real time news & weather gives the consumer the information they’re looking for, without force feeding content they’re not interested in. This keeps the audience captive & directs them to YOUR ad!

Host Sites

80% of consumers find digital advertising screens to be informative. Become a host site with us today, drawing consumers into your business & keeping them up to date with your latest news!

Targeted Advertising

The ability to select the desired locations to advertise your ads.

Modern Designs

Eye catching graphics that get your customers attention.

Instant Updates

Unlike printed material, the digital signs can be updated and have your new ad running the same day.

Cost Effective

No more wasting money on printed material that is only good until they are thrown away.

Multiple Views

Digital advertising has the chance of being viewed multiple times by the same person instead of being looked at and then thrown away like printed material.

Environmentally Friendly

Digital advertising saves the environment from all the printed material being used and disposed.

Contact Us Today!

At eosTV everyone is working towards the same goal, to provide our customers with a modern approach, creative designs and targeted marketing. We make this all happen by working hand & hand with our customers to find what is best for the business and what is going to be the best approach to deliver the ad to the demographic.